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17 Mar 2021

Cum ne pregatim pentru digitalizare?

În 2020, criza a devenit catalizator la nivel global pentru inovatia digitala. În 2021, ne întrebam acum care este urmatorul pas în digital si cum mentinem acelasi ritm si nivel al calitatii si în România.


Noi, Amrop, am intervievat 3 Directori din companii de tehnologie din România, din industrii diferite: servicii financiare, telecomunicatii si servicii de IT, cu privire la planurile lor de digitalizare din 2021.


Iata astfel care este directia catre care ne îndreptam din perspectiva celor trei.

30 Mar 2020

Remotely Possible - Top 10 Tips for Video Interviews

As the first country to be hit by Covid-19, and having experienced an intensive lockdown, China has taken the lead in finding ways to keep key activities running. This extends to Executive Search, interviewing and hiring. How can we push forward with candidate interviewing through these difficult times? Amrop China's Andrew Thomson gives his top 10, tried and tested tips. Go here for the full article.

23 Mar 2020

Covid-19: 10 steps to managing uncertainty

At Amrop, we believe that every problem contains a hidden opportunity. In times of difficulty, the way you treat your employees, clients, investors, business partners and suppliers is critical. It will be reflected in their loyalty and the quality of your relationships after the situation has passed. And this situation will, ultimately, pass. Go here for the full article.

06 Jan 2020

Wise Leadership & AI: Making Friends with the Machines

Only 28% of digital executives recently surveyed by Amrop agree their boards fully understand the meaning and scope of digital — let alone AI. Yet digital leaders know that the relationships between humans and AI have vast potential. Getting it right will mean better using the strengths of each and optimizing the synergies between them.

28 Nov 2019

Digitization on Boards III: The View From the Frontlines

As digitization is reshaping business in the most fundamental ways, there are major gaps between knowing and doing. Especially in non-tech organizations, digital representation at board level has remained low over the past few years. And in the background, young, agile digital organizations will continue to consume the market share of legacy players.