Family Business

Family-owned businesses are the backbone of major economies around the world. Many start small and grow to international scale and scope. To drive this growth, owners must find mature, entrepreneurial leaders with the talent to manage the ambiguities of a competitive business landscape.

These leaders must understand and share the owners’ motivations—which often go beyond making profits—and forge working relationships that build the value of the enterprise.
Such leaders possess a specialized skill set and character. They are not easy to find. As each family business has its own characteristics, motivations and way of doing business, it is essential to take a diagnostic approach that addresses the specific and unique qualities of the business.
Amrop’s Context Driven approach to executive search is ideally suited to reveal candidates with the unique experience, expertise and abilities to succeed in family-owned situations. Our expertise and insight cuts across global markets, scale of organizations, business models, and growth stage. Our focus, shared with our clients, is on identifying the talent that can drive long-term business performance.