Mining, Energy & Infrastructure

The Energy sector is facing deep market development and structural transformations. These transformations, key business issues/opportunities and local talent market impact featured in the results of Amrop's 2009 Worldwide Energy Scenario Survey.

Industry leaders must respond to increased demand; liberalization/privatization processes; and the move to green energies. Their job is made more complex by environmental regulations and tax incentives, usage targets and subsidies for renewable energy, and significant infrastructure investments by both existing and new competitors.

In this new scenario, energy and utility companies cite greater competition for talent:

  • New position creation
  • Shortage of specific profiles (nuclear, renewables, oil & gas)
  • Key position replacements due to retirements
  • Cross industry recruiting
  • Cross country recruiting

Our 20 practice specialist consultants have carried out more than a hundred assignments in the Energy Sector since 2005. They apply our context driven approach to executive search based on deep knowledge of the energy market, key players, main business/industry trends, skill needs evolution at all levels, and a broad network of talent relationships.

We understand the Energy & Utilities business context— the strategies, structure and culture of our Energy & Utilities clients. This enables Amrop to identify top candidates who fit to a client’s organizational culture. And it enables our customers to achieve a competitive advantage in the new energy marketplace.