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Since we are passionate still about personal growth, career opportunities and future plans, we created “Amrop 1o1”.

Schedule an Amrop 1o1 and our consultants will guide you through personal growth, career opportunities and future plans.

Amrop 1o1 is aimed to create a virtual, and hopefully at some point, a “back-in-the-office-with-good-coffee” safe space, where we have meaningful discussions with managers and leaders, about current and future challenges, career goals, a good plan for personal development and so on.

Our whole team will dedicate time to you, the managers/ leaders who will sign up for the program. We are a group of smart, cool (and obviously modest) 8 professionals with diverse background, expertise and personal style, who can play the part of a sounding board, an adviser, a good listener, depending on your needs.

So if you need one of those or any other role – some of us are passionate about cooking, history, robotics, books, sports, etc. – let’s schedule an Amrop 1o1, we will guide you through the whole process.

But before that, let us introduce ourselves:

Oana, our Managing Partner, has a Technology and HR background in the corporate world, in FMCG. Being very passionate about IT, she likes taking on challenges in Technology industries, as well as Consumer Markets. Oana is very curious so she will always try to find the “why” behind everything, so she will never settle for what is visible and obvious.

Magda is the mastermind behind all the Life Sciences projects we have in Amrop Romania, with her extensive 13+ years in Executive Search. She also leads projects in Real Estate & Construction and Manufacturing. Magda has this gift of transforming an interview into a discussion, a friendly conversation with and about the candidate.

Mircea has a Finance background in various industries (FMCG, Transportation, Private Equity) and leads Energy & Financial Services projects. Mircea is passionate about finding new ideas, so he is the one who generates most “food for thought” debates in our office.

Sandra is a marketing alumnus, with experience in automotive & HR consulting. She is involved in Pharma & Insurance projects. Sandra makes sure we look our best on our online channels and keeps us up to date with the latest and greatest in marketing & social media.

Filip has more than 8 years experience in Executive Search, knowing the ins and outs of industrial & energy sectors, being involved also in IT & Telco projects. Filip is our internal wikipedia, very curious, with an unbelievable RAM capacity - there will never be an info related to a customer, candidate, politician, car, country, space shuttle (list goes on) he would not find and remember. 

And the 2 Cristinas:

Cristina C  is executive search/ consultancy born and raised. She has led big projects in FMCG, professional services, telco and entrepreneurship, covering executive search, outplacement and leadership assessment. Cristina is very passionate about people and their stories, a very good (active) listener and she asks the right questions to put your mind at work.

Cristina M  has spent quite some time in the telco industry, in project management and HR before moving to executive search. She is involved in leadership services and search projects in various industries - retail, telco, entrepreneurship and so on. Cristina likes to sit and observe, reading the room first, then get involved in a discussion.

You can find more about us here.

So how does it work?

  • Choose one of the consultants you would like to set up a 1o1 with. You can find some stuff about us here

  • Upload your cv on the link at the bottom of this page, accepting GDPR terms – this is super important, as we need you consent so we can process your data. Sending the cv via email will not be enough. Leave in the "message" box, the name of the consultant you want to have 1o1 with.

  • You will be contacted to set up the discussion, which will be, for now, via a call or a videoconference. We are too, longing for a normal, face to face meeting. However, rest assured, our empathy, attention and ability to create a relaxed conversation have not been altered by technology wink

  • If you don't know who to choose, we will guide you and schedule the discussion according to both your agendas, or you can choose another consultant who is available when you are.

  • During the talk you will decide together what are the next steps ie: will there be a sequel, etc.

  • You will receive a link to a survey to give us your feedback on the program

Thank you & welcome to Amrop!

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